The holidays-Quarantine Edition

The holidays for many families in 2020 are going to be especially tough. This year has brought up many things that all of us; kids, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and everyone in between could not even imagine having to deal with. As a mom with two girls, I can say this it is getting hard to make our holiday season "normal". Everything is different. We can't go to to our normal plays and ballets, family is not coming over due to being quarantined, and while we have not lost anyone to COVID, family and friends have and it is hard to have a smile on our faces. I truly believe that during these trying times it is ever more important for us, everyone, all human beings, to be kinder, try to smile at your neighbor, hold the door open, or pay it forward at the drive through. It is pure will power, humility, integrity, and kindness that will get us through this terrible year. I hope that everyone can try to find some form of joy or happiness this holiday season.

From our family to yours, happy holidays! Stay safe, stay healthy.


A mom in quarantine