Quarentine 2020- A mom's view

2020 has brought us more challenges then we ever thought imaginable. All parents across the world are trying to learn a new normal. I can tell you as a mother of two girls, one 14 and one 4, (the best of both unstable worlds) the new normal comes with crazy anxiety, emotions, and anger. Now let's be serious, we have all gone through the different stages. In the beginning I was freaking out, to the point I wanted to wrap my whole family in bubble wrap and create a bunker in the basement. Summer came and the world just became weird. I wanted my family to have a sense of normalcy, but any time that I would try to venture out just a little bit, good ole anxiety would creep back in. Fast forward and we are almost to the end of the year and I think I speak for most that we are over all of it! The anger has set in. All we can do is hold on tight, do what's best for our families, and hope this too shall pass. Sorella Styles was created during quarantine by my two daughters. Comfort is more important than ever, since we are spending more time at home. Our company just wants to provide some comfort in this crazy world we live in. We want to take the guess work out of choosing the clothes for the day. Take a look, shop for comfort, and shop local. 

Stay healthy everyone!

Sorella Styles